Hiking (with the iPhone)

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On my recent hike up Rattlesnake Ridge, I decided to record a video on the way back down. I wanted to prove, of course, that I had actually gone outside! And I also wanted to show you that not everyone in Seattle glistens in the sun because they’re a vampire. Some of us do so simply from breaking a sweat!

It was beautiful up on top of the Ridge, definitely. There were no power outlets or Internet signals, though. This made the Great Indoorsman quite nervous! If you ask me if I’d do this again, I’ll tell you yes – probably! However, if you ask me if I’ll do it again in the next decade, the answer will likely be no.

I’m glad I survived the two mile hike straight up the side of a mountain, and even more glad I didn’t fall on the way back down. Can you just imagine me rolling all two miles without stopping? That might have hurt just a little.

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