How to Get Feedback for Your Web Site via Twitter

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It seems that everyone has a Twitter account these days. If you have one, you may want to pay attention to this resource – especially if you have your own web site. Chances are, you’d like to get feedback from the people who visit your site. However, that can be quite difficult at times. The same team who created our new contest page created this new application that can help you get feedback for your site via Twitter!

Paste the code for the widget into your website. As people visit, they can leave feedback through the widget that is automatically tweet’d out on their own Twitter accounts. Then, those responses can be ranked. Let’s say someone visits your site, and they think it needs to be more ‘Green’. Let’s say five other people think that, as well. They will then tweet out their agreements, which will allow you to see what it is people do and don’t agree on about your site.

TwiFeedback is simple to use. TwiFeedback is the world’s first community feedback tool that leverages the power of Twitter. A live stream of user feedback will display in your widget for community review & voting.

I like this because when people are talking about you on Twitter, that’s a good thing. You want that! It’s gets your name and web site out there. Getting yourself out there is the first step towards realizing your personal and/or business goals.

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