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I recently attended the WTIA Fast Pitch Forum & Technology Showcase. The conference featured two dozen of the hottest technology companies in Washington presenting their business in a competition for “Best In Show”. TeachStreet is an online community for people who love to learn, and was one of the three “Top Presenters”.

TeachStreet is an online community that brings learners and teachers together. It’s a place where people who love to learn can find classes that are right for them. They also offer a public forum that helps teachers, coaches and other experts share what they know. In the process, TeachStreet helps them grow their businesses with online tools used to promote classes, workshops and events. This allows the experts to focus on what they do best – teach!

The TeachStreet team is a bunch of dreamers and tech Geeks who want to encourage you to get out from behind your computer, head into the world, and learn something new! They support that goal by helping people find experts in your neighborhood who can teach you anything you might be interested in learning.

TeachStreet has extensive class coverage in several cities across the US, and they’re growing every day. Whether you want to learn to sew in Seattle, or how to dance in Denver – TeachStreet has you covered.

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