Seattle Social Media Scene (with WTIA)

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Social media is rapidly changing the way companies do business. I was fortunate to moderate a panel discussion in conjunction with WTIA recently, where we discussed the various ways that companies need to integrate social media into their daily routines. At a minimum, they need to be aware of what’s being said about them in the millions of online conversations that take place every day. Ideally, they need to learn how to be active participants in them. The panel provided ideas of how companies can put social media to work for them.

The panel experts consisted of:

  • Louise Rasho – Senior Manager, Marketing Communications, Microsoft Office Live
  • Navin Mithel – Managing Director of eCommerce and CRM, Alaska Airlines
  • Blake Cahill – Senior Vice President Marketing, Visible Technologies
  • Brian Goffman – CEO & Co-founder, Optify

There were too many wonderful points and ideas presented for me to possibly outline them all here. I highly recommend you watch – or listen to – this video in its entirety. Even if you think you are an expert when it comes to social media – you may just learn a thing or two.

Thank you to everyone who attended this discussion both in person, and via the live stream. We had a great time, and learned one heck of a lot of things.

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