Can You Predict the Future?

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News is breaking right now. What kind of news? You name it. Something is always happening. When something does, you may want to share it online with friends and family, or make a prediction into the outcome. What about generating money based on the successful predictions you make?

On Hubdub, you can predict the news. Hubdub makes news more exciting by letting you stake virtual dollars on the outcomes of real running news stories. You stake virtual money on predictions about the outcomes of real news stories. If you’re right you win more, if you’re wrong you lose what you staked. The more Hubdub dollars you have, the better Hubdubber you are – and the higher on the leaderboards you climb.

People just like you make up questions, and you can even come up with your own in order to see what people think will happen. Choose a category and start answering questions, based on things you know about. The more certain you are of what “could” happen, the more of your “dollars” you should wager.

You can make your own private leaderboard for just you and your friends to compete on. Or, join the community itself to discuss and debate the hottest news items of the day.

Hubdub is not only a trendy news source, it’s also a lot of fun.

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