Dvorak Vs. Qwerty

Kevin L. has been typing up a storm:

Hey Chris, I’ve been a fan of yours ever since you were on Call for Help. I used to love that station, and wish they still had a station that had enthusiastic tech, help, news, and a lot of fun mixed in. Although, these days I rarely watch TV. I do, however, watch a ton of YouTube videos by you and the Tinkernut guy.

Recently, I was researching the Dvorak keyboard layout. I learned that it was developed for comfort and speed. The standard of our English keyboards (Qwerty) was designed so that typewriters wouldn’t get jammed — almost a century and a half ago. A lot of uber-geeks out there think that Dvorak is a simpler and faster method for typing.

I was wondering if you had ever tried or given any thought to using Dvorak? I would think this would make a great video. It might make an even greater poll. But this can also be used to prank your unsuspecting friends (not that I would do something so sinister). Thank you for entertaining and informing us geeks.

Despite having friends who swear by Dvorak, I haven’t felt the need to switch it up. If only because it’s not quite standard — and I can’t imagine the frustration of walking up to a Qwerty keyboard and having to shift mental gears. Not to mention, I don’t feel like I’m a slow typer at 100+ WPM (on a good day).

I’d be interested in hearing from the community on this one.