Protecting Your Privacy and Security

Cisco Systems uses this program. The Drug Enforcement Administration (USA) uses this program. The Exchange Bank uses this program. McCain Foods Limited uses this program. What program is it? It is Invisible Secrets, and the client list is impressive. Privacy and security are important to these companies and institutions – it is essential to computer protection. This is a preventative measure that individual computer users have to recognize because there is so much information on just one hard drive.

Not only is identity theft rampant, but there are things on the your home computer, work machine, or laptop that are simply private. You not only want protection from outside hackers, you want to safeguard against nosy friends, colleagues and family members.

Invisible Secrets 4 not only encrypts your data and files for safe keeping or for secure transfer across the Internet, it also hides them in places that on the surface appear totally innocent — such as picture or sound files or Web pages. These types of files are a perfect disguise for sensitive information. Using our file encryption software nobody — not even your wife, boss, or a hacker — would realize that your important papers or letters are stored in your last holiday pictures, or that you use your personal Web page to exchange messages or secret documents. With Invisible Secrets 4 file encryption software, you may encrypt and hide files directly from Windows Explorer and then automatically transfer them by email or via the Internet.

We have Invisible Secrets 4 available to our readers at a 40% discount.

Invisible Secrets works on Windows NT / 2000 / XP and Vista. This offer ends June 18th, 2009.

Here’s a question: Why isn’t this program standard on every laptop? With business laptops, government laptops, and personal laptops going missing every day, this security program should be on every portable machine, as well as desktop. This would be an enormous security step in the right direction for dealing with sensitive information that is breached and it would completely bypass the subsequent nightmare of paying for identity theft protection. It’s simple and it’s effective.

If you need large multiples of this program, please let us know. We will try to negotiate a good price for those companies that may need many copies for laptops holding those confidential files. For the individual user, think of the files, emails, pictures, passwords, and other bits of information that you don’t want people to access. That is exactly why we went after this privacy/security program for our readers… and our thanks to the Invisible Secrets people for this generous offer.