What are Tags?

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If I were to tag my dogs, I would use words such as: wicket, pixie, dog, puppy, paws, pet, tail, wag, and so on. Tagging things is second nature to me now. But I’ve come to realize that not everyone knows what tags are, or why they should be using them.

To put it simply, tags are keywords that are used to make your post/picture/whatever easier to find. When you look for something via a Google search, you type keywords into the search box. Let’s say you’re looking for the best monitor to buy. You would start by searching something like “monitor review” or similar, right? Those are called keywords! They are what leads you to the results that you see.

If you have a website or blog, you definitely want to use good keywords. How else will people find what you’ve written? Using tags is the easiest way for people to find you! If you write about your dogs and use good dog-related tags, people searching for dogs may just hit on your site!

The reason I started talking about tags is due to an email I received from Olrik! He asked about tags, and how useful they are. He was writing his blog posts through Windows Live Writer. In that program, there’s an option to set up some tags. He’s no professional writer, but he does want to start becoming more professional.

Using the built-in feature allows you to choose from pre-set tags and keywords that will apply to your content. They are live tag selections, which are similar in nature to Google Suggest.

If you’re not already using tags, you should probably start. After all, you are probably not only creating content for yourself, right? You want to be heard – and you shall!

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