Discounts for OS X and Windows: Mariner Software

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I love software! It’s so soft and squishy! Oh wait, maybe it’s not soft and squishy. But software does make our lives easier – helping us accomplish things that would be difficult to otherwise do. Software vendors regularly approach me, wanting me to push their titles to all of you. I turn them down quite often. For one thing, it’s usually never free software. Once I tell them no (due to cost), then they tend to splutter. I then ask them what kind of a coupon or deal they’re going to give all of you. The folks at Mariner have come up with one heck of a deal…

During the month of May, 2009 – you can save 25% on every software title from the great people at Mariner Software!! According to their staff, they have just about anything you can think of. There’s everything for both Mac and Windows users – from screenwriting software, to recipe management!

At Mariner, you’ll find Blogging software – Poetry software – Podcasting software – Recipe Management software – Word Processing software – and so much more. They even have software available for your iPhone!

Make sure that when you order, you use the coupon code: chrismay. This way, you’ll save 25% off of anything they offer – whether you buy one title or all of them!

One of my favorite apps from Mariner is the Poetry software. It’s honestly very cool, and available for both Mac and Windows. Desktop Poet is “fridge poetry” software for the desktop of your computer. Desktop Poet presents you with your choice of hundreds of word tiles on your desktop or “virtual fridge” area.

It’s very simple to use, and a lot of fun. There are tons of options to the software – you don’t only drag around the word tiles. Who knows? You may write the next great poem or Hallmark Card. Or… you may just find the best new way to de-stress yourself!

Make sure you check out what Mariner Software has to offer, and take advantage of this great offer they’re passing along to us. If this goes over well, who knows what they’ll do with us in the future!

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