Are Laser Printers Safe?

The question, from Jamie:

I was looking at buying a new printer in the near future. At the minute I have an all in one and would never go back to a “Printer” as such. I was reading about laser printers and some people where saying they could harm a human body. Is this true, also what does a laser printer need? Ink? Cartridges? or something like that?? And would you recommend the printer you have (HP Colour LaserJet CM1312.)

The answer, from Wireless Packet:

Most laser printers today use toner. They do come in cartridges, depending if he is interested in a black and white (or color). The machine could take several different cartridges at once.

Laser printers can be harmful to the human body. I wouldn’t worry so much about printing a few dozen pages a day, but if you plan on printing hundreds a day… over time… depending on a number of things, he could see some health issues.

Asthma and other breathing illnesses can be aggravated by being near these types of printers. My recommendation? If you plan on purchasing a laser printer, make sure it is being used in a well-ventilated room. Do not sit right on top of the printer. Printers do produce an exhaust. This exhaust does contain things like paper and toner dust. Once in the lung, it has no place to go but in your body.

So, use caution…