Which CD Case is the Best?

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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something I could do with the compact discs I have lying around? It would be so great if I only had some type of storage device for them! Thank goodness my friend has invented The Discfolio!

The case can be browsed through like a book or unzipped at the backside to unfold all the way. This allows you to hang it on the wall using the two loops at the corners. The benefit of The Discfolio vs. every other CD case is that The Discfolio allows you to visibly see all 90 discs and have them within arm’s reach of your playing device, such as your computer, stereo or Xbox. No more digging around for your case and flipping through countless pages to find your disc. They are all displayed at your fingertips!

The storage pouches are made of a soft cloth material that will keep your discs safe from scratches. The pouches themselves are just the perfect size that allows both easy in and out access while keeping the discs firmly secured.

The Discfolio is an excellent way to keep your CDs organized, and be able to access them with ease.

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