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I don’t really watch the news anymore, unless someone sends me a clip of something. I snack on news headlines, and dive deeper into whatever interests me. I like to just get a taste of what’s going on. I don’t know how you digest your news. One suggestion is to use a news aggregator. I also have another suggestion to make, potentially something that can augment your ability to digest the news as it comes in through RSS feeds.

This solution is cross-platform, and runs on Adobe Air. Snackr is an RSS ticker that pulls random items from your feeds and scrolls them across your desktop. When you see a title that looks interesting, you can click on it to pop up the item in a window. Currently it checks all feeds on startup, and after that it waits at least 45 minutes between checks of a given feed. This way, you aren’t overwhelmed with items every couple of minutes! You have time to snack on them in between having new ones brought to you.

Snackr sits on any edge of your screen (top, bottom or sides). It scrolls the latest headlines across your screen, much like any news or stock ticker. It tells you how long ago they were published, and where. It also comes with a default set of feeds. You can, however, easily configure it. Remove ones that are there you may not want, and add whatever it is you DO want.

The exciting part is watching the headlines as they scroll by. It only takes a moment to do, and you can then dive deeper into anything you may need or want to know more about. It’s easy, and it’s free! Add to that how configurable it is, and you have something excellent to add to your desktop – and your day!

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