How Big (or Small) is that Gadget?

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The object in my hand, my iPhone, has length, width and height like most objects in this Universe. I know the dimensions of it, even. The problem is that sometimes it’s kind of hard to picture. You have no idea how the gadget will fit in your purse or pocket. You can’t get a good mental image of how big or small it is in “real” life, once it gets to you!

It never fails. We see the dimensions on the screen when we’re shopping online. But then when the item arrives in our home, we decide it’s either too big or too small! How do we avoid this issue? It’s simple! Check out Pective. It will display the actual size of any item – right on your monitor! All you have to do is specify your monitor size, and Pective will display the image life-size !

Once you’ve set your screen dimensions, just browse (or search) around on the site for whatever item you’re interested in. When you click the thumbnail of the object, it will open as a life-sized picture right on your monitor! This way, you can compare it to something you currently have on hand, such as with my iPhone. I checked out a Palm… and held my iPhone right up to my monitor. The Palm is a tad smaller! Who knew?!

If you know the dimensions of something but need to visualize it prior to buying, Pective is what you need.

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