How to Get RSS Feeds via Email

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Wicket is one who believes RSS is dead. He thinks that Twitter has replaced RSS as a means of receiving information. Just about every site out there has an RSS feed, which can be delivered to you via your Email if you choose. Did you know that every Twitter user has their own RSS feed? At one point, I swore that Email was dead, and was being replaced by RSS feeds. So it’s funny that Wicket claims RSS is now dead!

Let’s get back to the whole receiving RSS feeds via your Email. There’s a service out there that will easily allow you to add and manage your feeds, and have them delivered right to your inbox. Feed My Inbox is a free service that allows blogs, feeds and news to magically show up in your inbox.

Find the site you would like to track, such as a blog, a news site, twitter feed, or even craigslist search results. Most browsers will display whether there is a feed on the page or not. Find the RSS icon on the right side of your browser. Once you find a feed you would like to subscribe to, simply type in the URL for that site on Feed My Inbox. The service will locate feeds available on that site, and allow you to choose what you want to subscribe to.

After you verify your email address, you’re set. You’ll receive an email each time the feed is updated – but not more than once in a 24-hour period. This cuts down on clutter in your inbox. So, if there’s one update or twenty, you’ll receive only one email with everything inside.

You can also easily unsubscribe to any or all of your feeds whenever you choose. At the bottom of each new update/email, there will be an unsubscribe link. Click it once, and you’ll never receive updates from that particular site again.

Feed My Inbox is a great way to stay connected, and stay on top of the news, without having to go searching for it.

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