How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Mexican Food & Beer

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Even Americans love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo – with queso! Oh, and we need some salsa, peppers, refried beans, tortillas, cactus, and cerveza, too! Party food fit for geeks!

Wicket was excited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with me! I heated up the refried beans, but nothing else had to be cooked. Since all of this was super-hot food, I couldn’t share with the doggie. He’d have been quite ill! Don’t worry – I didn’t give him any Corona, either.

After knocking back the first Corona, I was ready to rock-n-roll! First I grabbed a tortilla, and slathered on some refried beans, some salsa, and some spicy cheese dip. Yummy!!

I love Cinco de Mayo! For that matter, I love any de Mayo!! What could be more fun than drinking some ice-cold Coronas and eating spicy food that I love anyway!? I had the air conditioning on in the office, and still broke a sweat – just from eating!

Leave me a comment and let me know how you plan to celebrate Cinco de Mayo – or how you did if you’re reading this after the fact! Have a great day!

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