How to Hide Your Twitter Addiction at Work

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Are you addicted to Twitter? I know you are – you’re constantly refreshing so you don’t miss anything. There are tons of clients available to help you keep track of things. There’s even a special client is great to use when at work! Many bosses may freak out if they catch you using Twitter during working hours for some reason.

So, if you need to hide your tweets and use a Twitter client that looks a lot like a spreadsheet – check out Spreadtweet. You can choose your “layout” – from Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office OS X. Use whatever one fits your office, and makes it look as though you’re actually working! *wink*

If you don’t have Adobe Air, you can also try the web-based version. This way, you’d be working on a spreadsheet within a browser! How productive are you now?!

It’s Twitter. You know you love it. You know you’re addicted to it. You KNOW you have to have it!

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