LEDs in the Dining Room

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I’ve always been kind of messy when I eat. There are times I’m in need of a placemat because of this. The one I have is probably the Geekiest placemat you’ve ever seen. There’s LEDs right in it! You can turn it off and on, at your whim.

The placemats use bright white lights with durable LED technology. They twinkle and sparkle to add spice to your tables. They’re fun, bright and festive, so they’re great for entertaining or special nights. There are no wires, since they run off of batteries. Oh – and you don’t have to worry about spills, either. They’re treated with Scotchgard for easy spot-cleaning!

Moving along with the dining theme, you may want to set your drink down. We all know that the glasses will sweat with condensation. Well, then you need a coaster – especially if they have LED lights! These particular ones light up when you set your drink down on it. It illuminates based on pressure.

To brighten up the table even more – and add a romantic touch – why not consider grabbing some LED candles? You won’t have to worry about burning the house down with these pretty little decorations, nor will they ever lose their glow. There’s also a Wand-Activated Candle running amok in the marketplace just in time for your Harry Potter dinner. Of course, the epitome of geek lighting would have to be the Star Trek Chandelier. Need I say more?

You’ll need to make sure you have plenty of geeky dinnerware on hand before the party begins, and keep your cookbook handy!

No gathering or party would be complete without music, right? Consider having friends over for a Tech Karaoke party! TechKaraoke brings the tech community(ies) together – one terrible song at a time!

So there ya go – spice up your next gathering or dinner with these fun LED ideas.

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