I Hate Adobe Flash!

Flash Crash!

99.9% of Safari crashes are caused by Adobe’s Flash. It’s not Safari, gang – it’s Flash, pure and simple. I’ve done everything to attempt to rectify the problem, and it’s not like I can just dump Flash and move on with my life. Hell, I just reinstalled Mac OS X from scratch (after installing the SSD).

If Adobe would spend just a MODICUM of time on developing this software to be far less CRAPTASTIC, maybe I’d be far more understanding.

But, no… Adobe has pretty much decided to treat Mac OS X as a second-class citizen. They’ve overtly ignored CPU optimization, which is painfully obvious when you play any kind of HD video. Perf is pathetic, and it’s not Apple’s problem.

If you’re pissed that Apple hasn’t allowed Flash on the iPhone, before you wag your finger at good ol’ Mr. Jobs – why not slap Adobe for their ignorance, instead?

Where’s Flash Media Encoder for the Mac? That’s right, it’s nowhere to be found – because they don’t seem to care. While I understand that more people use Windows, I also know that a growing number of people are using Mac OS X (and Linux, for that matter).

I’m not an Adobe hater, either – I love countless AIR apps (and the promise for that platform). But c’mon, Adobe – start cleaning up your code or take it open source so far more intelligent developers can clean up the shit you’re leaving all over our systems.

The answer isn’t to switch operating systems – the answer is to encourage Flash alternatives until Adobe feels the pinch.

UPDATE: Minutes after composing and posting this entry, Flash decided to shit all over itself again:

Flash is a Piece of Shit
SECOND UPDATE: This isn’t funny, Adobe. Not long after my first post update, I got another crash:

Flash Sucks
THIRD UPDATE: I decided to walk away from the computer for a while, but Flash was still being a whiny little bitch:

Would SOMEBODY at Adobe please walk over to the person responsible for this shit and smack them upside the head a few times for me?