How to Become an Ethical Hacker

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Do you want to be a Certified Ethical Hacker?

I know you think you’re a “hacker” because you run scripts that someone else wrote, but… no. It takes a lot more skill than that. It takes education. In some cases, that education may have been attained through experience. Need a jump start?

Izea approached me and asked if I’d be interested in taking an ethical hacking course valued at $2,995. I said: “Sure, let me get my wallet. ARE YOU CRAZY?!” I’m not a security advisor, nor do I want a career in code. That would certainly be a small price to pay for training that could lead to bigger and better contracts if I happened to be in that line of work.

If you’ve ever called yourself a hacker (but weren’t anything more than a glorified script kiddie), here’s your chance to redeem yourself… at least, as far as certification is concerned. I’m not sure you can consider yourself a real hacker until you have the respect of your peers. Still, that shouldn’t keep you from attaining as much knowledge as you possibly can.

Okay, so what if I gave one of YOU access to the full ethical hacking course from EC-Council?

You’d have a chance to learn (or reinforce your understanding of) security fundamentals, penetration testing, computer forensics, disaster recovery, secure programming, and more. All you have to do to qualify for this giveaway is leave a valid comment as to why you’re deserving of it.

Remember that punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling count – if you’re not willing to throw back a decent paragraph, what makes you think you’d be competent enough to handle such a course? So, give us your story.


Why should you become the next certified ethical hacker? Tell me why! Again, I’d request that you put a little thought into this. If you’re wanting this because of your current or future career, I do believe your reasons should reflect that passion!

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