Unwanted Facial Hair Tutorial: a “How to” Cosmetics Beauty Tip

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Here we go with the second in my series of beauty tips for guys! This one deals with shaving your face. I had stubble, and needed to deal with it. I usually go a few days between shaving. I’m comfortable that way, since my skin is pretty sensitive. Some women prefer a bit of stubble – and some don’t. Check with your woman to see what she prefers!

I don’t recommend using a disposable razor if you live with a woman! No matter what you say or do, they will use it to shave their legs or whatever else they feel like shaving. Then when you try to use it again – yep, you guessed it! Your razor will be dull and useless. In light of that, there’s really only one thing you can do – use an electric razor. I’ve had mine for awhile now, and I really like it. I’ve tried other brands, and I just wasn’t happy with them. I like the Braun, and stick with their series whenever I need to buy a new one.

Before shaving, consider taking a shower. Doing so will loosen up the hairs in their follicles, due to the steam. Rub your hands or washrag across your face while in the shower. It will loosen up the hairs, and make them even easier to remove. Wash your face while in there, to soften the hairs. Don’t use bar soap to do this! Apparently, they make separate soapy stuff just for faces. I KNOW! Don’t yell at me – I don’t make the rules. Just buy the stuff and use it. Your woman will thank you!

Now… you’re out of the shower, and you’re ready to shave. Turn the razor on before you apply it to your face. Otherwise, you’re going to tear up your face. I tend to get rid of the “soul patch” first… that’s the area directly in the middle of your chin. Sometimes, I quit there. Other times, I do the area where a moustache would go.

Here’s a bonus tip: Don’t use your razor for nose hair or eyebrows. Use a trimmer or tweezers for those, or you’re gonna regret it BIG TIME.

Don’t stop with just the lip area. Clean and shave your whole face with an electric razor. Use whatever brand you are most comfortable with. Don’t just do the job half-arsed, either. You’ll look like a dork, and you’re a GEEK. You’re not a dork. Take your time, give yourself a good shave. You’ll thank yourself when you walk out of the house.

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