How to Create a Twitter Background Image

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I have a new Twitter background. It’s awesome, but I can’t take credit for it. I’m not the one who made it. Not everyone out there is a great graphic designer, or would know how to create their own background. How do you create a custom Twitter background then?

Never fear! Free Twitter Designer is here! Free Twitter Designer does exactly what the name implies – it allows you to easily create cool custom Twitter backgrounds – for free!

To create your background, choose a blank slate or one of the premade templates. You can then add shapes, text or images from your computer. It has the Twitter overlay there, so you can play with colors and see how everything will look right on your Twitter page. You can change things, such as your blend mode and style.

Nothing is saved on the site itself, so what you create is 100% yours. Once you close the browser window, your work is gone. So, keep that window open until you upload what you’ve done onto your Twitter account.

Make sure you change your page colors on Twitter itself. Changing them on Free Twitter Designer just lets you see how the colors would look with your background. You’ll still need to change them yourself once you log in to Twitter.

Once your background is created, adding it to your Twitter profile is simple. Log in to your Twitter account and click Settings, then click Design, then Select Change Background Image. Now just upload your image.

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