Twitter for Dummies Book

So, I heard it through the grapevine that there’s a new Twitter book on the horizon. However, the book is Twitter for Dummies. Not so sure I’m excited to hear this. If given the opportunity, I could likely write a better book on Twitter – and certainly, not invite dummies to buy it. Your thoughts?

chrispirillo: Oh, bloody hell: – there&#39s a “Twitter for Dummies” book. Just what we needed.

about 59 minutes ago

sueissilly: They have now officially gone too far.

about 58 minutes ago

shutterblog: RT: Oh, bloody hell: – there&#39s a “Twitter for Dummies” book. ( @BrokenFiction: Is it 140 characters? )

about 58 minutes ago

BillCarey: only dummies buy stuff called for dummies..

about 57 minutes ago

themacinjosh: how&#39d they come up with enough content to write a whole BOOK on that? That book should just be 140 characters long haha.

about 57 minutes ago

domcoke: Book? A leaflet surely…

about 57 minutes ago

stormsage: the inevitable rarely never occurs – still cant understand why ppl arent ashamed to buy those books though?

about 56 minutes ago

lnlhalra: holy wow… the world is coming to an end

about 55 minutes ago

tlwhitford: uhh, would that be a books a zillion?

about 54 minutes ago

Daethian: How can there ALREADY be a book??

about 54 minutes ago

ElementalBliss: Really? REALLY? Wow..

about 53 minutes ago

blogbloke: Just like we need the “Twit Tips” blog. Like a hole in the head.

about 53 minutes ago

thehillers: Twitter for Dummies? This title has not yet been released. Check the zillion Blogs all the info for FREE!

about 48 minutes ago

londonrascal: – I am new to Twitter today. Figured it out just fine without the book! How bad must you be to need a &#39Twitter for dummies&#39!

about 47 minutes ago

bushwhack: dummies should not use twitter…. best description of twitter came from

about 46 minutes ago

jeffery300: WOW, now a book on twitter

about 44 minutes ago

ouasii: @chrispirillo: Next thing you know, people are going to be reading “Reading for Dummies”!

about 43 minutes ago

kpslover007: whoever needs that book shouldn&#39t even connect to the internet!

about 43 minutes ago

netwizard2003: Thats just too hilarious

about 41 minutes ago

danielaspenback: Hahaha, awesome ^^

about 41 minutes ago

foreachdev: I think we have enough dummies

about 31 minutes ago

flechewounds: – is twitter that hard that it deserves a twitter for twits?

about 25 minutes ago

Colt891: wow and that twitter book is like 288 pages??

about 8 minutes ago