How to Integrate Twitter with Your Web Site

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Just because I have a blog, doesn’t mean I’m not active on Twitter. As a matter of fact, when I post a blog post, it automatically is tweeted out over my Twitter account. What if I wanted to notify people on Twitter anytime an action happens on my site? Let’s say I want to share with the Twitter-verse anytime someone posts a comment on my blog, or anytime something changes on the main page. There hasn’t really been an easy way to do this. But if you are interested in tying together actions on a website with your Twitter account, you can now check out sitetweet.

sitetweet allows webmasters to post immediate messages on Twitter about specific behaviors and actions on their site. It’s very simple to use and implement. First you of course have to sign up for an account with sitetweet. Then, define your domain(s) and your Twitter credentials. Customize the tags you wish to use, and then add sitetweet to your website. There is even a new WordPress plugin you can use, as well!

sitetweet is very interesting, and very cool. It’s easy to set up a website. You can make one for anything, really. You’re in for some interesting times using a service like sitetweet. Twitter is hard to explain. It’s more than just status updates. It’s serendipity. It’s where everyone is! If you’re not already there, what the heck are you waiting for?

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