Real-Time Stitching of Mobile Videos

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It seems like everyone has a cell phone these days. And most phones now have a camera built-in, capable of taking still shots and video clips. Mobile phones great for capturing and sharing video content. Microsoft wants to enable multiple mobile phones to collaborate in recording an event and then construct one higher-resolution video from the resulting video streams.

This idea was developed by three guys working in Microsoft’s Egypt labs. They were hoping to find a way to provide video of classroom lectures. They soon realized that this had many other uses, such as citizen journalism and live streaming family events like weddings or reunions.

If you look closely at the embedded video, you’ll see first the two separate streams that are being captured, using two cell phones. Below that, you’ll see the single video that has been spliced from the separate ones. Anything that overlapped was automatically blended together. You literally cannot tell where one video ended, and another began within the frame!

This is just very cool. Imagine being at a family reunion, and being able to capture all the action at once to stream back home to a sick relative who couldn’t attend. Or maybe you’re at a wedding, and you can stream both the ceremony and the audience at the same time to a family member abroad who couldn’t make it.

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