Where Do You Look for Jobs?

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What do I do for a living? Go ahead and take a guess. I do a ton of different things: writer, content producer, consultant and occasionally a speaker at functions. I have managed to turn something I love into a career. You may not be so lucky, and might be looking for something new. Where do you go to find a new job?

Web 3 Jobs can give you a headline to your new career today. What’s interesting about the navigation of this site, is that there’s no page reloads. If I click on one of the tabs, the sidebar shuffles, and refreshes the main area automatically. That makes it much simpler when I’m searching for something in particular.

I can read more about a job now, or mark it to read later. You can even subscribe to RSS feeds for specific job categories or key words. This is a very effective way to look for something new or different. It’s even great for employers looking to hire someone!

I have 25 coupons to give away to 25 of you community members! If you’re looking for a job, or need to post a job – a coupon to do so for free will help! So, how can you win? Go to Twitter and send the following tweet:

@chrispirillo I need a job! http://www.web3jobs.com

Of course, if you’re wanting to hire someone and want to win, just change that to say:

@chrispirillo I am looking to hire someone! http://www.web3jobs.com

We’re at a point in history where many people are losing their jobs. However, there are people out there hiring. Web 3 Jobs is looking to bring the two parties closer together.

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