How to Watch YouTube Subscriptions on the iPhone

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If you want a good way to track your YouTube subscriptions on your iPhone, you can check out the Subs App. Subs allows you to enter in your YouTube username and scroll between your subscriptions to watch their latest videos. Subs is brought to you by Keaton Taylor, and the rest of the guys from Geekologist.

Subs is only 99 cents, and if you really like watching what your subscriptions are doing, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have this App. It works really well, and there’s no simpler way. With Subs, you can see the most recent videos, older videos from each subscriptions, and search the videos from each subscription.

If you know of other great iPhone Apps that I may not have come across yet, be sure to send them along to me. I’m always looking for what’s new and great to put on my iPhone, and I know others are, as well!

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