Can Homeschooling Provide More Opportunities?

I recently raised the question on my blog: “Is Internet better than traditional schooling?”. So many of you have sent in your thoughts on this matter, than I’ve done a follow up post called Is Traditional School a Must?, as well as Jonathan’s Reasons in Favor of Homeschooling. I’ve also received the following email from Colin, who has been Homeschooled for his entire school life. He wanted to share with us what the experience has been like from his perspective.

I’ve been Homeschooled my whole life and haven’t regretted it a bit.

I found that a community college is a great place to go if you’re a high school-level student who Homeschools. I know community college is still “traditional” schooling, but I really wanted to learn about audio engineering, and it was something I simply could not learn at home. So, my parents and I found that there were classes at the local community college that I could take while still being high school age.

People had told me that I should take a class at a local high school, but that would have required that I become a full-time student. Community college was the answer, as it didn’t require me to become a student full-time just to take one class. I didn’t even have to have a high school diploma yet in order to take a few classes.

Also, like the person who wrote the email you posted, I’ve been told many times I won’t “make it” in the World, or get a good job. With the extra time gained by Homeschooling, I’ve learned about computers and music, which led to the interest in audio engineering. With community college, I was able to learn how to record, and have met professional engineers (which may land me future jobs & contacts with people in the record business).

Community college is great for kids like me who want to take a course that is unable to be taught at home, but who don’t want to resort to being a full-time high school student at a traditional school.

Homeschooling, as well as community college, have paid off tremendously. I’m on my way to work with a major recording engineer in a couple of weeks at a studio, and I don’t know if I would be doing the same had I attended a public school. I am really grateful that my parents chose to Homeschool me.