How to Free Memory on the iPhone

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Even though we know that Apple doesn’t currently let you run any application in the background. Sometimes, bits of the application will stay in the background upon exiting it, and it hogs up your resources. You can now use an App to help free up your memory!

The iPhone only comes with 128MB of runtime memory. This has nothing to do with the actual storage memory of 8GB and higher. Some applications that come with the iPhone will continue to run in the background even once you close them, such as the Phone and Mail applications, and even Safari! Over time, these Apps will bog down your iPhone (or iPod Touch), making it impossible to effectively open any further Apps.

Using Free Memory can solve this problem. you can see how much runtime memory is currently available for applications. You can also view all the currently running applications or system processes. By simply touching the “Free Memory” button, the App will clean up 20MB of your memory for you. If you already have over 20MB available, the App won’t even do anything.

I know your iPhone may not feel sluggish to you. But if you’re going to play a game or something, why not clear some memory out? I’m sure you’ve had Apps crash when you tried to open them in the past. I’d be willing to bet that it was because you didn’t have enough memory available to run it! Why Apple didn’t include something like this with the iPhone firmware natively is beyond me!

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