What is the Best Network Management Tool?

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I know many of you out there have to manage a network. The folks over at PacketTrap have been instrumental in helping our community grow. They’ve now come out with Perspective – an excellent tool to help manage your network! Brian and AK from PacketTrap came to visit via Skype, in order to help me explain to all of you what PacketTrap Perspective can do for you!

Monitor performance for routers, hubs, switches, servers, and applications in real-time – no matter the platform. Yeah, you can use this Windows tool to watch your Macs or Linux boxes!
Plus, it’ll watch the health of your VMware servers (and guest Virtual Machines running on ’em). And just in case you hate being tied to one machine, or if you have more than one person who might need to access this data, an unlimited amount of users can connect to Perspective via a thin client or Web browser (which means, you can access statistics FROM your Mac or Linux). There’s advanced email and SMS alerts for devices, too. Capture traffic data for any device on the network to boot.

You can see all of the web sites that are being served at your home or company. You can see who is loading what site! You can even see what impact this surfing is having on your bandwidth. Perspective will show you who is clogging up your network, as well as how they’re doing it. There’s a list of different tools and reports you can make use of.

You can view and manage every aspect of what’s going on within the network.

I have tried so many network scan tools in the past, and haven’t had much luck. Perspective is very intuitive, and easy to set up (even for geeks like me). I’m not used to seeing a lot of these enterprise-class tools work so quickly, right out of the box. It’s definitely worth a look for network admins who haven’t found what they’ve been looking for as of yet.

Perspective auto-discovers system resources and their metrics, including: hardware, operating systems, virtualization, databases, middleware, applications, and services. Give it a shot – and that’s the link to use.

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