How to Use MSN, Yahoo, AIM, MySpace, Google Talk

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I’m using my iPhone to IM with a friend of mine, via MSN. I’m also chatting it up with people on AOL, Yahoo and ICQ. Heck, I can even chat using MySpace, Facebook and Google Talk! This iPhone App has over 1000 positive reviews! Beejive is $16.00, yes. You may be wondering why you’d pay that much for an instant messaging App, when there are free ones available. However, in this case, you definitely get what you pay for! Those free Apps have a lot of limitations on them, and they don’t always work so well. Read the negative reviews on them for yourself, and then read the 4+ star rating reviews on Beejive. You be the judge.

BeejiveIM is the most reliable and user-friendly mobile IM application on the market for your iPhone or iPod Touch, featuring desktop-like instant messaging and always-on efficient networking.

Some of the awesome features included are:

  • Uses your existing data plan: No SMS charges.
  • Works with multiple IM networks & multiple accounts per network.
  • Manage your buddy list, including add/remove, nicknames, groups, & blocking.
  • Set custom status messages, be invisible, set an auto-away status, & change privacy controls.
  • Customizable sound, vibrate, & LED settings and an optional global popup on new messages.
  • Real-time chats: quick switch between multiple simultaneous chats.
  • Customizable chat skins & emoticon support.
  • Click to browse, call, or send an email directly from the chat screen.

This App works amazingly well… it’s a quality instant messaging experience on your iPhone!

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