How to Create a Digital Photo Montage

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I know you likely have hundreds or even thousands of photos sitting on your computer right now. Wouldn’t you like to throw them into a photo collage? It’s easy to do with Shape Collage.

Create picture collages in less than a minute with just a few mouse clicks. Make collages in any imaginable shape or form. Adjust the collage size, size of the photos, number of photos, and spacing between photos. Change the background, the color of the border, and more.

The collage is formed automatically using a machine learning algorithm. It’s not perfect, but it does a pretty good job. The basic idea is to throw a bunch of photos on a page and then one at a time, move each photo away from the other photos, while still staying inside of the shape. Keep doing this until the photos are evenly spaced throughout the shape.

In terms of power, you can’t beat it. This is most likely the best photo collage software I’ve ever seen. It’s not only free – it’s also cross-platform!! You may have a few bugs here and there, but the developer welcomes all feedback for future versions!

Have fun with your pictures, and create some very cool collages to print and put up on your wall, or use on your desktop! When your friends are amazed, tell them you have your secrets… then have them check us out online.

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