How to Merge PDF Files for Free

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Yes, you likely have PDFs scattered across your hard drive. What do you do when you want to merge one PDF with another? Unless you buy expensive software, it’s impossible – unless you use MergePDF. This service enables you to combine multiple PDF documents into a single one, free of charge.

You can easily merge up to ten separate PDF documents into one new one. Select the files you want to merge, using the “Pick Files” button, and then click the “Merge PDF!” button. The service does the work for you. The only caveat is that individual file size has to be less than 5MB. Additionally, the site creators are very security conscious:

Although this service is free, we take security of data very seriously. The uploaded files and the resulting files (the merged ones) are removed after they have been downloaded. The only thing that is not safe in itself is the data transfer as we are not transferring through SSL.

So if you need to combine several PDF documents into one new one, be sure to check out the free MergePDF service. This is another service that you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without it! And remember that good software needs great hardware to run on!

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