Wanna Win a Wii?

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Do you want a Wii? How would you like to win a Wii? You may be the winner if I am the winner of the Wii! The contest is open until Feb 6th, and all you have to do is click the mouse a couple of times! Head over to Geeks and get registered for a free account. Once you’re hooked up, click on the main page where you see Our Current Contest – Win a Wii!, which takes you to the rules page.

All you have to do is click the giant boxing glove for a sneak preview of the new “Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” game. After you’ve clicked, leave a comment in that thread, telling me why you want to win a Wii. Or, you can also leave a comment in the corresponding blog post that I wrote up for this contest.

That’s honestly all you have to do. If I am the grand prize winner in this contest – I will win a Wii. And if I win a Wii – one of YOU will get the Wii! I can’t make it any easier to help one of you win!

I launched this contest the morning I made this video, and there were already over 200 comments that people have left, trying to win. Make sure to get your comment in there so that you have a shot as well.

Someone is going to win a Wii… it might as well be you! I already have a Wii, so it will be a wee bit of fun to give this one away if we win!

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