Does LeapFish Leapfrog Google for Searching?

If you were looking for a Google alternative, here’s one that might strike your fancy – assuming you’ve tried everything else to this point, there’s now LeapFish to look at. The interesting thing is: with LeapFish, you’ll still be using Google (and then some).

This sponsored review was requested by LeapFish, courtesy of IZEA. In the spirit of transparency, let me also state that I’ll be using this stipend to help cover the costs of our DDoS attack this past weekend. Timing for this couldn’t be better!

LeapFish is a metasearch service that will give you results from Google, Yahoo News, Yahoo Answers, YouTube, Google and Yahoo Images, Amazon, eBay, and Google’s Blog Search. At the same time? No, but these sections all just a click away (with no page reloads). You only need to enter your search term once.

Oh, yeah… and it’s fully functional without a Search button. 🙂

From a single Web page, I haven’t seen an easier way to pass a single query to these top search indexes. With the minimum amount of typing, you can get the maximum amount of results. Heck, you’ll wonder why Google doesn’t do this now.

It’s incredibly convenient to use Google – but when you want to pass that same search to other sites, it requires additional thinking (and typing). The first few Google Blogs results are listed at the bottom of certain search types, too. As a bonus, if you hover over a thumbnail on the YouTube searches, the video will start playing inline – and image thumbnails can be enlarged through a similar action.

They have this text in their search form: “It’s ok, you’re not cheating on Google…” I suppose that’s correct. Oh, just try LeapFish when nobody’s looking. They’ve got their own blog, too.