How to Create a Digital Photo Mask with Ease

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You know I’m a software addict. I like all kinds of software, and I especially love software that does what it needs to do VERY well – and if it’s available on both Mac OS X and Windows. I believe I may be able to get you a coupon for the Tiffen Dfx.

The new version of Tiffen Dfx features multiple masking and layering capabilities with its Photoshop and Aperture plug-ins, previously only offered with the Stand-alone edition, plus more than 1,000 new filters and effects including: Ambient Light, Close Up Lens, Dot, Eye Light, Flag, Gobo, HFX Star, Haze, High Contrast, Ice Halos, Rainbows, Sepia, Sky, Soft Contrast, Soft Light, Warm Center Spot, Warm Polarizer, Water Droplets, Wide Angle Lens and 812 Warming.

There are 133 Tiffen filters included in the software, and hundreds of effects are sprinkled throughout the various filters. There’s a very wide array of them. Being the visual person that I am, it’s nice to see the thumbnails that the program will give you upon opening it up.

You can save your presets in order to use them again at a later date, with ease. This makes it nice if you have a project you have to go back and work on at a later time. It’s also great for graphic artists.

Masks are usually difficult to do. However, the EZ Mask (one of 7 different mask types) lets users create multiple masks with just a few quick clicks. With the multiple layering, people can easily add multiple filters on a single Photoshop layer. Filters and masks can be easily copied between Dfx layers.

I can’t get over how simple this is. If you do any kind of photo editing, you really need to check this out. It’s an amazing program… and cross platform!

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