Google’s FeedBurner Problems on the FrontBurner: You’re SOL

I held off on transferring my feeds to FeedBurner, but was eventually convinced that it was going to help more than hurt.

Today, I’m strongly considering taking my feeds back – out of the hands of FeedBurner / Google. I’m definitely not the only one who is discontent with FeedBurner’s service. There have been several reports of problems, but very little reassurance that FeedBurner has stayed true to the users that helped build the service.

I noticed the other day that when I was the fifth blogger to write about the TechCrunch tablet, my post did not show up in TechMeme. Odd. I know I’m in the list, and I know I sourced the original post and wrote plenty about the topic.

Turns out, my freakin’ FeedBurnered feed isn’t rendering much more than the first two sentences of any given post – without links. I knew something had been off for a while, but didn’t realize the problem was THAT bad. For some reason unknown to FeedBurner engineers, items that used to show full content are no longer showing full content to some aggregators.


Their response? I’m “SOL” (their term, not mine):

This is an issue of the particular browsers choosing to render the description element in their display instead of the content element. I think he’s SOL. In fact, I see the same artifact in both his source feed and FB feed in Firefox. If you force the system to do server-site browser-friendly rendering… you see full content.

So, is it my source feed that’s causing problems, or the FeedBurner feed? – Source – FeedBurner

Do you see any difference between those two feeds in your aggregator / browser? I know this post won’t show up on TechMeme, either – so there’s little chance other FeedBurner users will see…