How to Watch Live TV on Your iPhone: Slingbox

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One of the pieces of hardware that I love the most is my Slingbox. A Slingbox lets you watch and control your television through the Internet. I was using the Slingplayer on my Windows Mobile device, but now I’m using the iPhone. There wasn’t anything available for the iPhone, until now!

It’s still in Beta, and hasn’t been released outside of the company yet. However – it’s working!! Soon we’ll be able to use this on our iPhone, folks! Mark demonstrated how it works, and how well it works for me during Macworld.

They feel that they have introduced some sexy controls for the iPhone. When changing channels, there is about a four second buffer, which isn’t bad at all. They have instituted a “favorites” area, which allows you to quickly change channels to whatever it is you love to watch the most. You also don’t have to minimize the video space in order to access your controls, which is great!

Right now, it only works in landscape mode, but that makes sense. They plan to incorporate video-changing mode in the future. They are shooting for release yet this quarter, before the end of March. It will, of course, be available in the App Store, for around the $30.00 price range! Stay tuned, and be ready to finally control your TV through your iPhone!

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