How to Take a Neon Crayon Photo: Shutter Priority

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The Panasonic Lumix G1 camera was sent to me to test, and I’m definitely having a lot of fun with it. There are some very cool features to this camera, which can turn your boring old photos into treasured fun memories.

The LUMIX G1 is as easy to use as a compact digital camera,
with the stunning photo quality of a digital SLR camera. It’s a new-generation digital interchangeable lens camera that does away
with the mirror box and complies with the new Micro Four Thirds System standard. In short, the G1 writes an entirely new chapter in the evolution of the digital interchangeable lens camera.

One of the coolest things about this camera is the “Live View”. It will let you frame a shot, and then shows you what the shot would look like as you change the settings on your camera. With most cameras, you’ll be looking through the lens and seeing the same thing, no matter what setting you use. With Live View, you’ll see the shot exactly as it would look once you take it off your camera!

This is probably one of the best digital cameras I’ve ever had. Even with a higher ISO setting indoors, the amount of noise is minimal. Even the automatic mode is perfect for people like me. The quality of the pictures is just amazing, and I’m seriously impressed. I definitely don’t want to give this up!

You may have seen the neon crayon trick before. It looks like I signed my name in the air, and that’s pretty much what I did using the digital camera.

  • Place your camera on a tripod (or flat surface where it won’t move).
  • Set the camera to the highest possible shutter priority (15″ – fifteen seconds – is sufficient).
  • Set the camera on a timer, so it won’t move when the shutter opens.
  • Stand in front of the camera, turn down the lights, and turn on the flashlight (or LED). Hold it in the starting position.
  • Start the countdown. When the shutter opens, start spelling your name backwards.
  • When you’re finished writing your name, pause a moment until the shutter closes. It may take a while for your camera to process everything.

That’s all there is to it! Now you can write your name in neon right in thin air!

Camera Glow Stick Trick

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