How to Prank Your Friends and Co-Workers

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I’m convinced that my computer is haunted. At least, it is temporarily. I’ve got a little USB attachment plugged in called the Phantom Keystroker. It’s an easy and fun way to play an awesome prank on others. You don’t have to install any software or drivers for this little gadget to work. All you must do is plug it into any open USB port on a computer, and you’re off!

You can choose from three different annoying modes, or choose to alternate between all three:

  • Random mouse movements across the screen.
  • Caps-lock turning itself off and on
  • Odd garbage text and phrases being randomly “typed” on the screen.

You can choose the frequency these things happen. However, don’t set it too close together. If you set them a bit further apart, your friend or co-worker will be less likely to realize right away it’s a joke… and will think their computer has been possessed!

Keep in mind this is a joke. The mouse buttons aren’t actually clicked, and the caps lock button is never actually “pushed” down. However, you shouldn’t use this on someone’s computer while they are doing work that is critical or unsaved. If they were to think that something is very wrong with their system and shut down to “save” it… yeah. They might lose some work. Use your best judgment before trying this device out on anyone!

Have fun, and lots of laughs!

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