I Love My Yamaha Tenori-on

When I was younger, I loved playing with electronic keyboards – not because I knew how to “play piano,” but because I loved hearing the various sounds. I learned a few of my favorite tunes by ear (playing by trial and error). Ultimately, I fell in love with freestyling and crafting harmonies with my fingers.

I received the Tenori-on last year, and have loved it ever since. Seems that its capabilities either enthrall or repel viewers (or listeners) of my live stream, so I don’t play it as often as I’d like to. It’s not quite a musical instrument, although you’re able to create music with it. Is it music, or just a seemingly random sequence of notes? Are you creating, or merely pushing buttons, with a Tenori-on?

I would have killed for one of these things when I was a kid. They’re incredibly addictive, and if you’re someone who likes to create ANYTHING, you shouldn’t find much to dislike in the Tenori-on. Well, you might not like the price – but you get much more than bragging rights in return!

If you’d like a similar software experience, there’s always the free Weepr AIR app. Plus, there’s PaklSound1 for the iPhone. They’re the closest you can come to a Tenori-on (short of buying one for yourself).

On New Year’s, Stuzilla donated money to have me perform an impromptu Tenori-on recital. I’m glad UncleJohn recorded it, as I never save my own creations (even though that’s an option with the Tenori-on).