Merry Christmas, and to All a Good Night

It’s been somewhat of a tradition to unwrap our Christmas gifts just as the clock strikes Midnight (the Christmas Eve / Christmas Day cusp). I don’t mind buying presents for family – but I really enjoy finding items for their stocking(s). The “fun” things usually take precedence over practicality, but Ponzi is tricky to buy for. She’s not really into toys, per se – but she requested the game Operation this afternoon. WTF?!

I try to get gifts that I know the other person will appreciate – even if they don’t like ’em. “It’s the thought that counts” will always apply. Still, I sometimes sneak things for myself (as evidenced by the glowing objets I apparently put on order, realizing that Ponzi’s not really into them as much as I am).

I wasn’t given much to go on this year, so many of her presents are what I could find around town. We’re lucky insofar as we have many things we need – like a roof over our head, and food on our plates. Ponzi really only asked for us to pay a bit more towards our mortgage (to lower the payment), and a few other charitable donations. Difficult not to argue with those wishes, but they’re a bit tricky to stick under the tree (or inside a stocking).

I did my best, given the circumstances. Couldn’t really get around town at the last minute, either – what, with the snowstorm that blew through town the other day. I knew what she wanted, or what she might want, or what she wouldn’t be too shocked to receive:

  • Travel Door Alarm
  • iPod Speakers
  • Hubba Bubba Gum Book
  • Engrave-It
  • Annie on DVD
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • $50 iTunes Gift Certificate
  • Sexy Motherpucker Lip Gloss
  • Expo Marker Set
  • Papermate Felt Tip Marker Set
  • Sharpie Pen Set
  • Astronaut Ice Cream – Neapolitan
  • BluAlert Bluetooth Bracelet
  • C.H.I.M.P. Rearview Monitor Mirror – black
  • DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer – Magnetic
  • Dead Fred Pen Holder
  • Glowing UFO Drink Coaster
  • Heart Hand Warmer
  • Inanimate Character Stickers
  • Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets
  • Paper E-mail
  • Paper Voodoo Notepad
  • Phantom Keystroker V2
  • Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things
  • Staple Free Stapler – Black
  • Stickman Action Figure
  • Tear Away Planner Mousepad
  • ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset
  • USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner – Lavender
  • USB Plasma Ball