What’s the Most Frustrating Part of Making Phone Calls?

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Blah, blah, pay attention… the menu may have changed. Does it drive you as batty as it does me when you have to call a phone menu? I want to connect with a human being. Some random menu can’t help answer my questions. Oh.. oh!! What about when you finally get a person, and they ask you for the same information you just entered on the automated hoops… how do you like those apples? It makes me crazy, I’m telling you!

Sometimes you get so frustrated with jumping through those hoops, because you just want to get to the part of the menu where you need to be. There’s now a way where you can navigate phone menus by way of the Web, using the free service fonolo.

fonolo transcribes phone menus from many large companies, so you can scan them quickly. fonolo lets you “Deep Dial” to any point in a company’s phone menu. fonolo automatically organizes your notes and recordings from all your calls.

For example, you want to call your cable company, which is indexed on fonolo’s site. They will show you everything that is in the menu when you call the cable company. You enter your phone number, and tell them where you need to be on the phone with the cable people. fonolo will then call you, connect you with the cable company, and then get you exactly where you need to be!

This can save you some time, and a lot of frustration! Make your life a little easier by trying out fonolo today.


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