How to Set up a Phone Call Reminder for Free

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Instead of asking the live community to remind me to do things, I could use Outlook. But what if I’m not sitting at the desk at the time the reminder goes out? What do I do at this point, when I just need something like a phone call reminder. There’s a website that allows you to send phone reminders to yourself for free – without even having to register for an account! Wakerupper is the web’s easiest telephone reminder tool.
Schedule reminder calls on the web. It couldn’t be simpler.

  • Set a wake-up call at a specific time.
  • Remind yourself of important events.
  • Remember to take medication on time.
  • Escape from a boring date or meeting.
  • Remind child or spouse to do chores.
  • Set reminders for tasks and follow-ups.

Wakerupper is a telephone reminder service that aims to make telephone alerts as simple as possible. Just enter the number of the phone you would like to be called, the time you want the call to be placed, and an optional 140-character reminder message. That’s it – you will receive a call from Wakerupper at the time you have specified and your message will be delivered.

As long as you’ve scheduled your reminder at least three minutes into the future, it will work. Any number within the US or Canada can be called by the service. This is an excellent way to remind yourself of important things, instead of having to rely on services that may or may not work (or be able to reach you!) when you need it to.

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