How Chris Pirillo Changed the Internet Community

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We have all seen him somewhere, whether it may be on YouTube or on his website watching his live stream or remembering him from those TechTV days where he did his “Call For Help” segment. Chris Pirillo has brought something to everyone in the technology world that has been fun and insightful as well as knowledgeable and helpful. Not to mention he brought us his life to us and has been doing so since last year with his wife Ponzi, his two cute dogs Wicket and Pixie and all the bloopers that may have happened along the way.

Over the past year, Chris has done many achievements to make sure his community thrives and to see that his community is always active with new blogs and new faces. Some of the achievements that Chris has done for the community are listed as follows:

1. The Chris Pirillo Website:
This where it all started, and where everyone came to see his blogs about new technologies ranging from reviews to new products to buying them and letting us know about the coupons he shares with us, so that we geeks can save a little money on the side, which is never a bad thing at all. This is also where we find his discount coupons for certain products that he likes. In all, his website is great service for all tech people and helps the community become active on tech news.

2. The Live Stream:
If you didn’t see Chris Pirillo on his website, then I am pretty sure you have seen his live stream, since this is how he has attracted so many viewers and so many people to his community. It’s no mistake that his stream is very random but clean and you may never what he will do next on it, especially when he starts his recordings for YouTube. Also the chat room on the bottom also enhances the feel for the stream and since the stream runs 24/7, the chat room is always running with people chatting. Let me also include that Chris does a webcam giveaway every Friday night to a lucky person in the chat room that follows the requirements for it, which makes more people come to see his stream and be a part of his community as well.

3. The #Chris chat room:

Who can forget those comments during the videos that either made us laugh or made us more knowledgeable about the topic Chris was covering during his videos. Nothing beats giving feedback to him after he finishes recording his video. This room is always filled with people typically talking tech and has many people asking questions which are usually are answered with patients since there are over 250 people in the room chatting away. It’s best to behave here since you are watched al the time by the helpful ops in the room, and when they see someone who is respectful and not a rule breaker, they will be voiced. Voiced users will be granted the ability to chat during video recordings, which is great and awesome privilege.

4. Chris’s videos recording for YouTube:
What’s better than a review or top five lists on video? Well, recording it live on stream with a chat room of course. Not only has he been recording videos for YouTube for a year now but he has over 1800 videos that are tech based that help other people figure out there troubles with there computers or helpful tips on how to do something on there comp that will save them a considerable amount of time. Most people send him emails on suggestions on what he should so a video about, but most of the time he does it on something of his choice. The links are provided if it’s a website review or there will be a link to a product if it happens to be that. In all Chris videos are very informative and usually funny and entertaining as well.

5. The Geeks Community Website:
The latest achievement that Chris has done for the Chris Pirillo community is a website that has over 10,000 members now and is still continuing to grow because this website has many features that today’s social websites have. This site lets customize almost anything you want from putting pictures up to uploading your favorite personal song to it. In my opinion this web page is much better than those other places like Myspace and Facebook, but that’s just my opinion. The forums here are always being made and people are always leaving comments on there forums for feedback. The great thing here about Geeks website is that you can create a special group where you can invite new friends to it and post videos and or topics relating to your new groups interests. Everything you could want in a website is here and this has captured many geeks from around the world to it and has made people join the Geeks website.

As you can see, Chris Pirillo has done something that many people haven’t done yet and he will continue to produce new material to his community everyday and will stream his life for as long as he can. It is now that the whole world knows who Chris Pirillo is and people are starting to take notice of him. Maybe someday Chris will earn an award for his achievements in the past year because I really think he deserves it considering how much time he has committed to his work. As for now we will continue to see Chris do what he does best and that is providing his community with new and interesting technology to people who will use it and that will tech others around them in there own communities at home.