Creative Thinking: Think Creatively!

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‘Creativity: the process of developing new, uncommon, or unique ideas.’ – Google Definitions

Many of us want to be more creative. If you’re as deterministic as those in the industry, you’d want your next project, be it art or literature, to be the best you can do. However, sometimes we just might not think that we have what it takes to be creative, especially when today’s world thrives on a good idea. Follow these tips and ensure you have what it takes to be a creative thinker.

Plan Your Way to the Top

All innovative and outwardly creative ideas require thoughtful planning. This can be done as vigorously or as relaxed as you wish; after all, these are your plans and you are the only one that will need to follow them. Mediums and methods such as mind mapping, flowcharts and spider diagrams are a great way to learn and plan. Try writing little notes for yourself and leave them around the house. This may kick-start your brain into taking action. A little bit of planning can snowball into something fantastic.

Discuss, Discuss, Discuss

This works in a variety of ways; either talk to those who share your ideas and visions, or discuss ideas with those with differing views. By doing this, you construct a completely unbiased idea. This also adds motivation and may even add depth to your original ideas. From personal experience, talking to many varying groups helped with my coursework immensely and by the end, the result was completely different than originally envisioned, appealing to a mass audience.


At the time, an idea may seem challenging, especially a thought provoking and innovative one. This should not discourage you, and should instead fuel you into producing something the world has never seen before. Let your ideas and views be known. Look at many successful products and you’ll see that each of them have their own quirk or niche. Develop your own by sticking to your idea and try to envision an audience.

Don’t Let an Idea Escape You

If ever you’ve hit a creative block, carry a notebook or scrap of paper with you wherever you go. Inspiration can hit you like a bucket of water while you’re out and about and it’s so easy to forget when you come to writing or producing something. A notebook will help greatly and easily fits in your pocket. This, along with a pen, is a valuable tool when it comes to spawning an idea.

What a Chore

While it may seem odd, chores are usually mindless enough tasks where you can allow your mind to wander. While your brain is active, let it wander and you’ll find the extra blood rushing to your head from performing mundane tasks helps you to summon that narrative or “cliff-hanger” ending for your story or project. Next time you’re out of ideas, do the washing up or vacuum the house. It works! Be sure not to attempt anything to strenuous when it comes to daydreaming. You want your work to be engaging enough to keep your brain flowing, but dull enough to let your mind wander.