What are the Funniest Videos on YouTube?

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Recently, I ran a quiz on Facebook, asking people what they thought were the funniest videos on YouTube. They left comments saying what they thought was the funniest, and i made a poll with the top 20 YouTube videos mentioned in the comments thread. The votes are in, and i have the top five funniest videos from YouTube. Please leave a comment on why you disagree, or agree.

(1) Chris Crocker

I remember the first time i watched this video. I thought it was so funny, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Now when i watch the video, i just see a weird guy screaming and crying. I’m sure all of you have seen this video. What is surprising is that 23% of people voted for this video.

(2) Pop-Tarts

I personally love this video. Its a nice, random video about… what you can do with a Pop-Tart. Ha ha! Gotta love pastry comedy!

(3) Afro Ninja / Nunchuck Guy

Now, this has to hurt. At first, he looks like he is going to do some awesome moves, but then he falls… and almost blacks out. I love this video because it never gets old!

(4) Dramatic Prairie Dog

I honestly think it is short, and not very funny – but everyone voted for it, so here it is. Does anyone think that this one deserves the number 4 spot on the best Youtube videos? If you do, tell me by commenting.

(5) Dancing Stormtrooper

I think it’s funny for the first 30 seconds. Then it gets old – because it’s just is a loop of a Stormtrooper dancing.

(6) Chris Pirillo’s TechTV Laughing Fit

I personally think that this is the funniest video on YouTube. This video is actually how i found the Geeks community. I was surfing YouTube looking for funny videos, and i found this video. I think Chris had a few too many nuts. The guy on the phone must have been so mad that his question didn’t get answered. What I want to know is who the guy behind Chris wearing the mic is, and why does the video freeze right there? I bet Chris’s boss had a long talk with him after that. Ha ha! Leave a comment on why you think that Chris started laughing so hard.

I only surveyed about 200 people, so it’s not very accurate. You can help change that by writing a comment about what video you think is the funniest video on YouTube, and why. Agree with these choices? Comment on what you like about them, or why they are (or are not) funny.