Top 5 Shooters for Xbox 360

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These are my choices for the top 5 shooters for the Xbox 360. Please note all games carry the ESRB Mature rating (17+).

  1. Gears of War 2 – This game was epic. The storyline is nothing short of excellent; the weapon choice is top notch, and the aim extremely accurate. This, in my opinion, is the perfect shooter for the Xbox 360 console. The best weapon in the game is the one you start out with: The Lancer. Not only does it tear the enemy apart when in use, it has a saw at the end of the gun itself. Ran out of bullets? Use the saw! The saw sprays a bloody mess all over your character (as well as the TV screen) as it rips the enemy’s guts out and slays the bodies into many pieces. If you have an Xbox 360, this is a must-have title. Epic studios did an awesome job, which is why this game has the number one spot on my Top Five.
  2. Call of Duty: World at War – This game is excellent in shooting. The weapons are totally new and I was highly impressed. Through most of the game, you use German made weapons, which are very powerful. The aim is wonderful and very accurate. You do tend to run out of ammo often, but that’s why they equipped you with a knife. One swipe to the enemy kills them instantly, making it just as fun and as shooting them. The storyline is fairly good, especially if you like World War 2 history.
  3. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – Another Tom Clancy installment, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a sequel and a flop. The storyline is beyond bland, the weapon choice is nothing special, and the graphics are nothing to drool about. The game gives you standard military weapons like the AK-47 and some grenades to throw. The storyline is absolutely boring but the aim is better, though in some situations, you are better off shooting freely. The weapon choice is better than Grand Theft Auto IV, but the storyline lacks. Ubisoft and Tom Clancy failed miserably in this installment.
  4. Grand Theft Auto IV – As much as I personally hate it, Grand Theft Auto IV comes in fourth. The aiming is just fine. You simply hold the LT button and it auto aims, which is something Saint’s Row 2 lacked. The weapon choice is the same dried-out choices we have had in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The graphics in this game beat the others from the past, but sometimes pretty isn’t everything. Give us something new next time, Rockstar!
  5. Saint’s Row 2 – Though Saint’s Row 2 is a very fun and highly addictive game, the shooting stance is a little elementary. There is no aim; you simply use the circle in the middle of the screen to aim on something. If you want to shoot at someone that’s to the right of you, you literally have to move the screen with your joystick. The weapon choice is decent with no special guns. The best gun to choose is probably the shotgun, since it takes out innocent citizens of Stillwater with one blow.