Are You Sending eCards Instead of Traditional Cards?

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I received a cute little eCard from a friend on my iPhone. It was a nice surprise, and one that made me smile. You can send your own ecardlets, which are especially customized for the iPhone. Best of all, it’s completely free! Just head over to ecardlets to send yours today.

ecardlets are 3-D ecards you can send to friends with an iPhone. The ecardlets beta has cards in more than a dozen categories, including holiday designs, thank you cards, and frienship cards. Users may also upload their own images to send as an ecardlet.

You don’t have to register for anything if you don’t wish to. Congratulate someone for finally buying an iPhone. Send your best friend a hug. Heck, you can even wish someone a happy birthday on the go. What a fun and simple way to send someone a happy (or funny!) message.

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