Top Five Movie Scenes

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Mike Singletary, former Linebacker for the Chicago Bears who was captain of the defense when they went 15-1 in their Super Bowl winning season in 1985, used to watch a certain movie scene before each game. He would put Patton in the VCR and watch the beginning where George C. Scott talks to the Third Army about war and what being a warrior is all about. Singletary would then strap on his helmet and take his position upon the field of battle with the full intention of ripping the enemy limb from limb. And that’s exactly what he did. There are a few movies out there that I would put into the VCR, DVD player, or the computer just so I could watch a particular scene that really gets me going.

  1. Heat: In this one, Al Pacino plays Vincent, a homicide detective who spends more time chasing down bad guys than he does paying attention to his family. Robert DeNiro plays Neil, the bad guy who’s on the verge of retiring from a life of crime if he can just pull off this one last score. Well, Vincent has just arrived at his house, late as usual. He goes upstairs to find that his wife is getting all dressed up for a night on the town without him. So, he calls up his cop buddies and has them trail Neil in a helicopter until Vincent can catch up to him and pull him over. He invites him to have a cup of coffee, Neil accepts, and they have a nice little chat in the diner, good guy to bad guy.
  2. True Romance: Clarence Worely (Christian Slater) and Alabama (Patricia Arquette) are on the run after Clarence killed Alabama’s pimp ex-boyfriend and stole a half a million dollars worth of cocaine. They get married, go visit Clarence’s dad (Dennis Hopper), and then go to Los Angeles so they can sell the drugs, make a bundle of money, and live happily ever after. The day after they left for L.A., the mobster who hired the pimp to sell the drugs in the first place (Christopher Walken) shows up at Dennis Hopper’s place looking for Clarence and his “girlfriend”. As soon as he answers the door, Clarence’s dad gets punched in the face and knocked out cold. He wakes up sitting in a chair with Christopher Walken standing across from him, ready for the interrogation. This is where we get to find out just what kind of father Dennis Hopper’s character really is. I love this scene. And to have it be Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper makes it nothing short of a classic.
  3. Lord Of The Rings – The Two Towers: This is an epic movie. But after having seen it a hundred times, sometimes I just can’t wait for that part where the elves show up at the castle, ready for war. And, then of course, the battle for Helm’s Deep. If you haven’t seen the extended DVD version of this film, I highly recommend it. Without which you will never know what happens to all those orcs who retreat into the forest attempting to flee from battle.
  4. Tombstone: Kurt Russel really outdid himself in this one. Most of the time, I’ll actually watch it all the way through, though it’s mostly just background noise up until the nighttime scene at the train station. Ike Clanton and Stillwell thought they were going to get the drop on Wyatt and his brother. Little did they know, Wyatt and his friends were already there. Wyatt, McMasters, Texas Jack Vermillion, Turkey “Creek” Jack Johnson, and Doc Holiday. Wyatt kills Stillwell and then has Ike down on his knees crying and begging for his life. He tells Ike what’s what, the scene breaks, and then all hell breaks loose. I get chills every time, though I think my liking of this part mostly stems from everything that follows, all the way to where Jhonny Ringo gets killed.
  5. Scent Of A Woman: Charlie Simms (Chris O’Donnell) comes from a working class home in Oregon and currently attends an all boys prep school in New Hampshire on a Young American’s merit scholarship. Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade (Al Pacino) is a retired, disabled veteran from the U.S. Marine Corp. He embarrassingly lost his eyesight while practicing a grenade juggling act in the military. The Colonel needs someone to look after him over the weekend while his normal caretakers go on a family trip to Albany, NY. Charlie reluctantly takes the job and he and the Colonel spend the weekend in New York City. Charlie has been stewing over an incident that took place before they left for New York. He and another student were implicated in witnessing a prank played on the Headmaster by other students. When the weekend is over, Charlie and George are called to a hearing so they can name the perpetrators involved in the incident. George has his rich father backing him up. Poor Charlie has nobody…until the Colonel shows up and gives a speech about life and about what “leaders should be made of” that ends in a roar of applause from the spectating crowd. Al Pacino won an Oscar for his performance in this film. Again, I get goosebumps every time.

Honorable mention in this category includes the speech given at the end of The American President by Michael Douglas, near the end of Strange Days when the riot starts, at the end of The Game when Sean Penn says happy birthday to his brother. That one actually brought a tear to my eye. Sean Penn is a genius. One more. The part in What Planet Are You From where Annette Benning sings High Hopes. That was beautiful.

Well, how about you? Are there any movies that you would watch just so you could see that one particular scene? Leave me a comment. I’d be interested in hearing what you have to say about this.