Chris Pirillo’s Top Off-topic Videos

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Chances are if you’re reading this, you know who Chris Pirillo is. Well, if you don’t: you have definitely been missing out on some of the funniest, un-scripted, and LIVE action anywhere. If you don’t know him by his videos, then you most certainly know him from ‘Gnomedex’: a technology conference specifically tailored to tech and blogging enthusiasts. That is why I decided to make a list of my Top 5 favorite videos by Chris Pirillo.

We all know too well the associations beds have with night vision cameras. Whether by choice or not, you’re likely to have seen SOMETHING to do with it. This video uploaded in July of ’07 is a hilarious video with joke after joke – all very witty. It truly shows how original Chris Pirillo’s humor can be. Not only does the video make us laugh, it is still a pretty in-depth review of the iPod:

My #4 choice probably should have ranked higher on my list, but when I was a child I burned my noodles and it was the worst-flavored food I ever ate. In this video, Chris shows us how great of a chef he is when he puts together a meal of ‘Ramen Noodles’ and teaches us all how to do the same. Everyone loves Ramen noodles. Sure, you can say you DON’T, but everyone knows you’re lying when you say that. It’s a proven fact that has been tested multiple times for thousands of years: humans all love Ramen noodles, regardless of what flavor packet they choose. This video takes a step away from tech and moves into the kitchen – a very funny and “well done” video:

Everyone loves Pac-man. Whether you grew up playing it, or started just recently, the game is simple and fun. I am not going to review Pac-man for you though, but that’s exactly what Chris does in this video. I like this particular review, partly because he’s playing an Xbox 360 (not a PS3), but mainly because it shows how well-rounded he is when it comes to reviews. It’s nice to see Chris review the game second-by-second as the game progresses and how excited he is while playing. See for yourself in this video added to Youtube in June ’07:

Chris may not be the bravest blogger you know, but this video surely changed my vision on his bravery when he lays down in the middle of the road to make snow angels. Although not live, it’s nice to see how happy he was to make them snow angels. Chris has had a lot of success, and this just shows how much he stayed true to his geeky roots:

I first saw Chris when he was a host on Call for Help. I kinda forgot about him for a while and found his reviews on YouTube one day. This video easily takes the cake as my #1 favorite video of Chris Pirillo. Maybe not as funny to you? Chris seemed to have experienced the funniest moment of his life; when he attempted to answer the callers question before he even spoke. A simple mistake, but Chris could not contain himself and he seemingly was on the edge of insanity before Morgan Webb helped calm him down: